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By honouring the rich heritage of one of Montenegro’s oldest national brands, I have breathed new life into the story of Pošta Crne Gore. The work below has been made in response to an open rebranding call but has never been officiated, and thus not in use. Nevertheless, it remains one of my favourite projects. Pages that follow are in Montenegrin and are a part of the brand book elaboration.

ClientPošta Crne GoreFieldBranding, Communication, StrategyDateJanuary 2023

The brand identity presented is a derivative of the visual code representing Montenegro Post for the past decade. The goal was to enable the continuity of the existing visuals while improving the quality of the original design. In order to achieve brand continuity, specific visual keys have been preserved.

The inspiration for the new sign was found in the national heraldry – the eagle, because of the appropriate form and symbolism it carries. The rounding of the envelope in the final sign has disappeared for the sake of harmonious “communication” with the new graphic element. The colours have been somewhat redefined in order to give the brand greater dynamic and new possibilities for expression, while the typography has undergone the greatest transformation.

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