Design Thinker and Doer

With a Master’s degree in Design (MDes), I merged my professional and personal interests. As a Customer Experience (CX) Designer, I shape the customer journey on all brand and product touchpoints in the green energy sector.

Previously, as an Art Director, I managed a creative portfolio of several brands, conferences, publications and campaigns in the NGO sector. In the same capacity, before that, I managed a creative production team of 8+ people helping provide on-demand printing solutions for companies like BMW, Lufthansa, Jotun and millions of customers worldwide.

Despite having a few hundred branding projects under my belt (I’ve stopped counting), I constantly seek improvement and learning. I recognize that there is always more to discover and master.

Quality > Quantity


My top strengths

• Responsibility, through which I take ownership of what I commit to.
• Individualization, which helps me understand the unique worth people bring.
• The relator in me finds personal touchpoints that bind individuals.
• Discipline, as I appreciate order, structure and making efficient and healthy routines.
• Analytical ability gives me a chance to take a step back and consider a broad perspective.

A bit more personal

Adriatic heritage

It all started in Montenegro. Three continents and seven countries later, our adventure brought us to beautiful Oslo, Norway, where we settled and started making babies, friends and board game rivals.

With a stack of hummus sandwiches, swimming shorts and good company, we enjoy getting lost in remote, quiet places.

There are more art, music and filmmaking projects I’m engaged in, but let’s leave something to talk about over a cup of chamomile tea. 😁

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