Introducing Koma, a cutting-edge luxury beauty salon based in Ljubljanja, Slovenia. It boasts an array of top-of-the-line services, including advanced hair colouring techniques, stylish haircuts, barbershop services, cosmetic treatments, and therapeutic massages.

ClientKomaFieldIdentity, Branding, StrategyLinkkoma.siDateFebruary 2023

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail to convey excellence and extravagance. Founders’ last names form an abstract symbol adorned in elegant black.

After initial rounds, few things have become apparent. It isn’t easy to playfully and elegantly merge two letters (K&M). Their form is different, and their connection produces spatial imbalance. Despite that, there are ways of doing it, but as a consequence:
– In certain variations logo becomes a symbol, removing the readability of the full name.
– The brand can become known as km, which is recognized as an abbreviation for a kilometre, and in general, not a very elegant name to pronounce.
– Using readable KM as a logomark (symbol) and KOMA for the logotype (name) together is redundant.

To solve this, a higher level of abstraction was needed to separate the logomark and the logotype.

Let's make something  great. 

™ Since 1990
Li.   Uw.   Ig.

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